Adaptation takes place on a per-clutch basis, rather than a per-gear basis. This means that there is not an adaptation for every shift 2-8, only certain shifts are used to learn every clutch.

Each shift and the corresponding clutch adaptation are listed below

Shift 3-4 ->> D Clutch

Shift 4-5 ->> C Clutch

Shift 5-6 ->> E Clutch

Shift 6-7 ->> A Clutch

The B Clutch adaptation is not learned on up shifts as it is never applied in order to shift up. It can, however, adapt during the 6-5 downshift.

In TunerPro, in the ADAPTATION page, the ADAPTATION ACTIVATION PARAMETER indicates the current status of the adaptation program.

There are a number of conditions which must be met before adaptation can take place. The important ones are listed below:

Adaptation Activation Parameter:

Code 0:  Conditions met to start adaptation, LCD displays the letter "A"

Code 1:   Engine/Gearbox Torque, Too High ( > 180Nm )

Code 2:   Engine/Gearbox Torque, Too Low ( < 55Nm )

Code 4:   TPS Too Low (<2%)

Code 5:   Engine Speed, Too High ( > 3200RPM)

Code 6:   Engine Speed, Too Low ( < 1600RPM)

Code 8:   Car driving too short

Code 9:   Gearboxes in sport mode, (up shift mode different from "0")

Code 10:   Gearbox Oil Temperature, Too Low ( < 55c )

Code 11:   Gearbox Oil Temperature, Too High ( > 80c )

Code 12:   Gearbox in limp mode

Code 13:   Active gearbox faults

Code 14:   Gear less than three ( gear < 3 )

Code 15:   Gear, greater than the eight  ( gear > 7 )

Code 16:   Adaptation disabled in the program

*values in parentheses are subject to change in any software revision and may not be accurate

Adaptation is needed to calculate the correct pressure on the clutches

If you want to do adaptations, you have to meet the following points

1. Oil Temp 55-80 degrees Celsius, optimal oil temperature is about 60 degrees

2. Adaptations should be made on the normal Drive Mode (no in sport mode)

Before starting the adaptation you drive a car about 3 minutes, 

the display shows the letter "A" in the upper right corner

The letter "A" is displayed only when the conditions are met for proper adaptation

Drive the car and change gears up when the engine speed is two thousand.

We only adapt gear changes:

Shift 3-4 ->> D Clutch

Shift 4-5 ->> C Clutch

Shift 5-6 ->> E Clutch

Shift 6-7 ->> A Clutch

Drive and change gears up

When you drive a car you will notice that the letter "A" does not display all the time.

"A" will be displayed when the torque on the engine will be in the range of 80-140 Nm

Remember when changing gears the letter "A" must be displayed.

You should do about 20 sequences