Attention: Use this option consciously. You can damage the gearbox / drive shafts

The bump function allows for a gentle slide during the Trans Brake.

This is for drag racing. you can stand in front of the starting line, inflate the boost, then use the "Bump" function and cut the photocell sensor and turn on the start lights.

Using "Bump" will reduce the pressure on the clutch during the trans brake and the car will roll forward.

The Tcu counts the steps with the gearbox output sensor. When it counts the set number of steps, it locks the vehicle back in place.

to run:

While in Trans Brake and holding paddle/button gear up, also press Gear down paddle/button to perform "Bump"

When you have F-series selector you can use P button instead of gear UP button/paddle.

Video How To Activate Bump:


- Enable bump:
Activation of the bump function

-Pump base clutch presure:
Initial pressure when the bump function is activated.

-Enable ramp, pressure reduction:
A ramp that lowers the clutch pressure when the bump function is activated.
It is enabled by default after an update.

- Pump Torque presure corection:
Parameter increasing pressure on clutches.
The pressure is raised in proportion to the engine torque.
If the parameter is set correctly, the thrust force of the car is constant regardless of the engine torque.

-Pump Max distanse:
the distance that the car is to travel.
The distance is counted in pulses from the gearbox output RPM sensor.
8HPxx gearbox It has 40 impulses per one turn of the output, values of 10 give us 1/4 of a turn

-Pump distanse Clutch pres. up:
Pressure build-up when the car is moving.
The pressure on the clutch increases by the value entered in the window each time an impulse from the RPM sensor is detected
This parameter prevents the car from accelerating