Supported CAN:

1- Ecumaster Data Stream

2- Megasquirt

4- Motec M1

6- TCU Standard Can

8- Haltech I/O Expander12(Box AB)

10- Holley EFI

14- Syvecs S7-I and S7Plus

16- Vems

30- BMW 6HP Exx Series (E9X , E6X)

31- BMW E46, E39 


40- Nissan 350Z (READ ONLY)

50- Mercedes CLS 55AMG 5-Gtronic ,OEM Selector in can 2

51-Mercedes OM606 ,OEM Selector in can 2

60- Camaro SS, Silverado (09-15r)

61- Trailblazer, Saab 97X (05-08r)

Communication with Stand Alone controllers:

-Ecumaster EMU & EMU BLACK & EMU PRO
-Motec M1
-Link G4X


Controller It transmits and receives frames in its standard which can be used to establish communication with any device.