After installing "Tuner Pro RT"
You need to connect communication with the TCU controller
Connect the usb cable, wait for the system to install the usb drivers and then turn on the ignition
Press the icon "Instal Emulation Hardware" The software version number appears on the lower bar.
Import XDF and ADX Compatible with the software version number.
Then click the button, enable, disable Show data.
The indicators in the window will start showing the current parameters.

  • b1.png

Read maps from TCU
Then save the file to disk: File>>Save Bin

  • b2.png

Open the parameter you want to change
in this case it is the upshift RPM limit: RPM Limit>>Max.RPM Limit
Change the parameter and commit changes by pressing the floppy disk icon
Next save the settings in TCU using the Send maps to TCU button.
The changes have been made and saved in the TCU

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