Download Tuner Pro RT

TCU USB Driver:

Install the software

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Start Tuner Pro RT
go to "Tools" and then open "Preferences"

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in the "Interface Type" window set "Use Plug-in"

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Open "Configure Plug-in Component"
in the "Data Acquisition Plug-in Configuration", change the "Port Type" options to "Shared with Emulator"

Confirm the settings "OK"

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Next, you need to import the XDF and ADX deginitions
XDF is the definition of TCU maps
ADX is the definition of logging parameters
Download the definitions from the forum "Download >> Definitions XDF & ADX" or click the link below

Unpack the files and import to Tuner Pro RT
Open the XDF file: "XDF >> Select XDF"

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Change the tree view in "View By:" to "Parameter Category"

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a tree with categories will be created

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Next, you need to import the ADX file responsible for displaying the parameters.
Open ADX File: Acquistion>>Load Definition File...

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Then press the Show Data Dash button (red indicator)

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A window with indicators will open

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"Tuner Pro RT" is ready for use